Become a NeighborCorps Program Participant

Being in jail is hard. Sometimes the road home is even harder.

No one should have to go it alone. Get help re-entering society from a compassionate, supportive community. 

NeighborCorps provides free support to (and your family) as you embark on a fresh start. A team of volunteer Navigators helps you successfully re-enter society by helping you find employment, pursue personal development, and regain the trust of others through communication and accountability.
  • If you enroll in NeighborCorps, trained volunteers will:
  • Visit you in jail.
  • Meet with your supportive friends and family while you are in jail.
  • Meet with you and your supportive family and friends after you are released.
  • Help you identify your skills & strengths to plan for successful re-entry.
  • Help you set and achieve goals toward employment and personal development.
  • Help with connections to jobs, housing, healthcare, counseling, immigration help, and more.
Please contact Austin at [email protected] or 732-675-1452 for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: NeighborCorps does not directly provide cash assistance, medical or mental health care, drug treatment, housing or employment.